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January 2018

Time; like a petal in the wind, flows softly by. As old lives are taken, new ones begin. A continual chain which lasts throughout eternity. Every life but a minute in time, but each of equal importance.

Cindy Cheney

As many of you know, former Chamber Director and Mayor Ben Mc Crory passed on December 11, 2017. Ben was one of the first people to contact me when I came on board with the Chamber. He offered words of encouragement and renewed his Chamber membership; that is how dedicated he was to this city.  His influence and impact paved the way for many of the changes we have today.  Ben served as Executive Director of the Chamber for six years and one term as Mayor. During his tenure in the public arena, Montevallo’s business community saw continued growth with local and national businesses opening in Montevallo.    The foundation and planning for many of the improvements we have today were laid down during Ben’s term as Mayor. He worked tirelessly to improve University and Community relations. Those efforts would manifest themselves later in the Montevallo Development Cooperative District. This partnership with the City, Shelby County, and the University of Montevallo brought forth the Alabama Coach Company Building (now Main Street Tavern), the  UM women’s softball field, the University of Montevallo on Main, and the NCAA Track and field facility.  I am sure Ben would point out it took teamwork and community effort to make these things happen. It also took leadership and vision and that will be Ben’s legacy in this community. Thank you, you left this city with a strong foundation and vision for growth.

As the New Year begins, I was thinking about the passing of time and the unknown finite amount of time we are given on this earth. I think poet Cindy Cheney captured those feelings of passing’s and new beginnings. Remember the past year, and rejoice in the prospect of the new one to come.

Happy New Year! 

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