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July 2017

I often reference music, TV shows, and movies because they illustrate everyday life in a more eloquent way than the six o’clock news.  I’ve never cared much for watching the news, but out of the necessity of being informed I continue to endure it. These days I prefer to read the headlines from various sources across the internet.  The daily newspaper is a dinosaur over run by the immediate availability of information on our smart phones. You can watch stories unfold in real time and get expert analysis from retired professionals in almost every field. They form opinions before you can digest the facts; causing there to be a lot of truth to the old cliché “News travels fast these days”

By now you have heard the news that one of our iconic businesses will close its doors later this month. For 16 years Eclipse Coffee and Books has been a part of the fabric of Montevallo. The white boarded building on Main Street, with the wraparound porch, has served as a gathering spot for college students, faculty, and locals in a very unique way. It really is “The place where everybody knows your name.”    A cup of coffee in the morning, lunch with a friend, an afternoon beer with the OMC (Old Men’s Club), a wine tasting, a book signing, and pickin’ on the porch; you always knew there would be someone or something familiar happening at Eclipse.

It is difficult to sum up the story of Eclipse in a few short paragraphs, but then words can’t really describe something you just have to experience.   It would probably cause the retired psychologist on the six o’clock news to shake their head in disbelief.  A university professor, a college student, a local shop owner, and the mayor all sitting at the same table on the porch; the discussion might be political, it might be philosophical, it might be about the weather, it might be the latest town gossip.  There is one thing for sure the people and atmosphere at Eclipse are as unique as its owners; thank you, Cheryl, Michael, and Mary for the good times.

I was there for the last session of the Roundtable at JeRose’s Deli; I was there for the Barnstormer’s Last Call; I plan to be there when they turn out the porch light at Eclipse on July 27th.

Eclipse Coffee and Books “Goodbye, Farewell, Amen.”


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