From the Director


April 2017

Building on a solid foundation is the key to future success and longevity.  It is another of those undeniable principles of life.  It is universal like the teaching of fundamental skills before an attempt to push them to the limits of physical capabilities.  Without this foundation and the necessary fundamental skills, we wind up struggling to better our lives, our community, and our businesses.    I am fortunate be here at this point in time because those before me built a strong foundation for the Chamber; a strong foundation with vision for the future.

I was saddened recently to learn of the passing of one of our long time community residents and former Chamber Director Ann Cheney. Ann was director here before Mary Lou Williams and Ben McCrory. At the time of her tenure, the Chamber was growing with the community as relationships were being formed with the City, the University of Montevallo and the American Village.  The American Village was in its formative years opening its doors in November of 1999.  Ann along with others at the Chamber and in the community worked to make our hometown and its quality of life better for our residents, business owners, and those that would call Montevallo home in the future.

It is difficult measure the impact we have on the lives of others or the community at large, but in looking back there is always that satisfaction in knowing a job well done is something we should all strive for in our daily routine.  Thanks Ann for your contributions to your community.

On another note, I hope you will take the time to help us compile valuable consumer data by participating in our online consumer survey.  The information is vital in our economic planning and future growth. The information on how you can participate is in the next paragraph.  Please take a few moments to go on line and give us your views, it is vital to building a stronger future for Montevallo.

Want the chance to provide your input into the types of business or new products you’d to like to see downtown? Well, here’s your chance! From April 1 through the 27th, go to  And vote!  This survey has been commissioned by Main Street Alabama and is being conducted for the Downtown Montevallo Market Study project. This survey should take about ten minutes to complete. We will use the results to improve Downtown Montevallo. The survey is being conducted anonymously and all responses are confidential.

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