From the Director

July 2020

This country was founded by people that came here seeking to escape prejudice and persecution. They sought freedom and a better life in the new world. Unfortunately, some old world ways of life followed them. Some came here free, while others were shackled to the bonds of servitude and slavery.

Let us remember that the accomplishments of our founding fathers and many of our leaders have been tainted by the actions and prejudice of the times in which they lived. This does not justify their actions, nor does it celebrate their inaction against that which was wrong. We are surrounded by symbols of the past, many of which are uncomfortable reminders of injustice. Removing the symbols and or their names does not remove the injustices. Removal does not secure the guarantee they will not continue, it merely says we have removed them from our sight.  If that begins the healing process then let it be so. Remove them to places where their history can be preserved and studied. Let us then look upon them with resolve to not allow their history to repeat. Symbols are just that, a representation, they are not the cause. It is only when we realize that, can we step forward and remove the prejudice.

If you want to change the way others think stop standing in silent protest. Step up and take action to make a difference, by educating yourself and helping others to understand, not by tearing down, and shouting at the rain.  Volunteer your time to teach, to help feed the hungry, to comfort and help release those in the grip of poverty, or the trials of addiction. Let us seek to understand the differences of the many colors that are the tapestry we call America. Let us seek to understand the many beliefs that are the fabric of religion and learn to embrace them. That is when true change will begin.  Let us seek to fan the flames of peace and understanding, not those of destruction and division. Let us begin by practicing forgiveness.

 In this month that we celebrate our independence, let us strive to renew the freedom upon which this nation was founded; that all men are created equal.  Let us seek to become a nation where character matters more than color, and ignorance and conscientious stupidity are swept away by forgiveness. Let us remember, for freedom and forgiveness, someone made the sacrifice and paid the price for them.

Make allowance for each other’s faults, and forgive anyone who offends you. Remember, the Lord forgave you, so you must forgive others. Colossians 3:13

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