From the Director

April 2019

“It’s the little things in life.” A quote we know very well because it speaks to the heart.  It is the simple action we take that can make someone smile, or a polite gesture to a stranger that brightens their day. I am a firm believer in courtesy even if it goes unnoticed. Actually I prefer the things that go unnoticed; they are the details, the behind the scenes workings that make things happen.  Courtesy and attention to detail are a great foundation for success. They may seem unrelated but, if you think about it the two really go together well. Paying attention to detail, the little things, makes the whole more substantial. Extending common courtesy goes a long way in building better relationships.  I have spent the better part of my life planning events and working on projects, from music festivals, to car shows, meetings and seminars. The little details make the event successful but the small courtesies you extend to attendees or guests make a big difference.

The same can be said in business and economic development. It is one of the best things about this job. I love talking about what we have to offer a potential business or industry. It can be as simple as walking down Main Street showcasing our new streetscape, or talking about a historic building. It is easy to get caught up in the facts and figures, but the truth is, while important, they only reinforce the feeling of cooperation and pride in our community. It makes selling Montevallo easy. The story is here and so are the facts and figures for success.

I enjoy working on projects for the Chamber and in our community and the unnoticed are the ones that make me smile. This month find time to pay attention to the details the rewards are worth the effort.

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