From the Director

November 2020

“Make a difference by leaving people, places, and things better than you found them.”  Unknown

Our journey began 7 years ago, November 1, 2013. It was a new start for me after over 30 years in the cable television advertising world.  It was time for a change, a new challenge.  I made a commitment to the Chamber of Commerce to grow the organization’s membership, to improve its financial position, and create a full time job to handle the needs of our members. I am not going to list the accomplishments of my time here at the Chamber. I will let the work of the whole speak for itself. There were many people involved. The Board of Directors provided guidance and groundwork for our objectives and goals. My assistant Adele Nelson, filled in the gaps, planned our events, and kept up with the details. Mike Galloway handled sales of Chamber Chatter advertising and sponsorship of Chamber events. That teamwork was the key along with our partnerships with the City of Montevallo, the Montevallo Development Cooperative District, the Industrial Development Board, the Shelby County Chamber, and Montevallo Main Street. They all played an important role in moving our community and its businesses forward.

A dear friend often says to me, “I don’t have a crystal ball. I don’t know the outcome.”  I have thought about that a lot lately, as I prepare to embark on another career job challenge.  I really wish I had that crystal ball to look ahead and see the future. It just isn’t possible. To ensure success, all we can do is prepare, plan, and make good decisions along the way.  I will miss the challenge of sharing my thoughts with you here each month. I hope along the way they made you smile, laugh, remember times from your past, or made you think about the future.

As I look back over my shoulder leaving my position with the Chamber, I see where we were. I see where the journey has taken us and smile knowing things are a little better than I found them.

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