From the Director

October 2020

“Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.”   John Maxwell

It is often said that change comes with or without our consent. Growth, however, is a choice we make. It requires a decision and dedication to learning and developing new skills.  Our recent municipal elections have brought change to our city government, a change that was the consent of the voters. It is important to look upon this as an opportunity for growth. Change just for the sake of doing something different is unfounded and pointless. Change with the option for growth is how we can keep our community healthy and prosperous.

The new Mayor and City Council have been given the keys to a very well optioned machine. It is a complicated machine with many moving parts. The previous operators have made sure that the proper care and maintenance have been performed and the system is functioning properly. The operator’s manual that comes with this particular machine is pretty dog eared and weathered as it should be. How we continue to read that manual and move the machine along the road ahead is the challenge before us all. That challenge is for all of our citizens, not just the five new council members and Mayor. I encourage you to stay involved whether your candidate(s) won or lost. Now is the time for us to recognize our differences of opinions, embrace that diversity, and fuel the progress we all seek for our community.

To Mayor Hollie Cost, City Clerk Herman Lehman, Councilman Willie Goldsmith, Councilwoman Tiffany Bunt, Councilman Jason Petersen, and Councilman Arthur Herbert, I say thank you. You have served this community, made tough and sometimes unpopular decisions, yet through it all, have shown your love and dedication to the City Of Montevallo.  Well Done people! Well Done!

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