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February 2019

February is an interesting month. It is the shortest month of the year and once every four years it gains a day.  In the old Roman calendar it was known as Februarius after the Latin term februum, which means purification. The purification celebration was held on the 15th of the month on the full moon. The Romans considered winter to be a month less period. January and February were the last to be added to the Roman calendar. Why is February so short? According to various historical sources, the days of the month were truncated, sometimes to 23 or 24 days to align the month with the seasons. The Romans even added an extra month after February on their calendar once every two years. I thought our calendar was strange with leap year once every four years. I guess keeping up with an extra month must have been a real problem.

Even with its odd purpose on the ancient calendars, February is often a signal for the ending of winter, or the coming of spring as evidenced with the celebration of Groundhog Day, one of the many celebrations in this short month. There is Valentine’s Day, Lincoln and Washington’s Birthday, now observed as President’s Day, and most years Fat Tuesday. There is the month long observance of Black History, Chinese New Year, and our homecoming celebration at the University of Montevallo, one of the oldest homecoming traditions in America.  College Night turns 100 this year and the celebrations will reunite alumni from many generations, a complete list of the festivities is on pages twelve and thirteen inside the Chamber Chatter.

The College Night Centennial promises to be one for the ages. It is difficult to explain, but you don’t have to be an alumnus to experience the pageantry because it means something different to everyone. Ask a Gold or a Purple side member and you’ll get a hundred different answers.  A hundred different answers except to one question: “What’s it gonna be?”

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