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November 2018

I am not sure what it is about the change of season between summer and fall, but I often reflect on the past. It may come from the fact that fall is the season of harvest and Thanksgiving, a time of gathering the fruits of summer’s labors and celebrating those rewards with family and friends. It may come from certain sights and sounds, or the crisp air and faded denim skies. In this case it was a song that popped up on one of my eclectic Sunday morning playlists.  It is a song called Crack of Blue, by Christine Kane.  It is on a CD I purchased many years ago at the Brierfield Music Festival. These days its cover is a little shop worn. I was taken by the innocent reflection of the lyrics and sparse production of just her voice and acoustic guitar.

There’s a crack of blue in an all grey sky
There’s a flock of birds and I wave good-bye
And all the leaves around have changed their colors
I kind of like the fall, but I really hate the winter

And after work the boys all meet at Joe’s garage
Talkin’ ’bout the rebuilt engine in some old Dodge

I love a good story song, even if it is, as in this case, the writer’s take on a typical fall day coming to a close and the changes the season brings. I pictured that scene here in Montevallo. Our downtown at sunset, street lights flickering on, multi-colored trees in Orr Park, leaves blowing across the cobblestone on campus, hay bales, pumpkins and corn stalks on Main Street. It is a cycle of images from our daily routine that becomes the vehicle of memories, memories that you have been here many times before.

Something here will find me
Some voice right behind me
Somehow will remind me of this time last year

Perhaps that is what captured my attention. The thought that simple daily events happen a lot more often than those that make big changes in our lives. It is how we remember them that become the tapestries of our lives.

Lyrics from Crack of Blue from This Time Last Year by Christine Kane published 1996

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